WordPress Twitter Tools 1.2b1 veröffentlicht

Meine kleinen Twitter Tweets in der Sidebar sowie die daily Digest Tweetz dazu sind ja sicher dem ein oder anderen bekannt. Die Integration hier erfolgt ueber das Twitter Tools Plugin von Alex King. Alex hat nach langer Zeit mal ein Update mit ein paar nuetzlichen Funktionen nachgeschoben.

Schaust du hier Changelog:


  • Show a link to the tweet being replied to for @replies.
  • Option to exclude @replies from the sidebar tweets list.
  • Make all @usernames clickable.
  • Check that the tweets downloaded are indeed the user’s tweets – sometimes Twitter has hiccups.
  • Don’t broadcast edits to old posts. Note: Twitter Tools always included code to only broadcast a post once. However edits to posts created before Twitter Tools was installed would be sent to Twitter because there is no “only when a post is first published” hook (that I’m aware of) in WordPress. Now a timestamp is saved upon installation to try to work around this.
  • Ability to send blog posts to Twitter on a per-post basis (checkbox added to post authoring screen).
  • Option to use jQuery instead of Prototype – useful if you like to tweet from your sidebar. The jQuery library is a smaller download than Prototype.
  • Added post author setting.
  • Added post tags setting.
  • Added an option to make digest posts display tweets in either chronological or reverse-chronological order.
  • Make URLs clickable in blog posts created from tweets and digest posts.

Alex „warnt“ zwar das es noch eine Beta ist, ich konnte bisher aber dennoch keine weh-wehchen feststellen.

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  1. 5. Juli 2008, 21:23 | #1

    It only shows me
    „No tweets available at the moment.“


  2. 6. Juli 2008, 00:30 | #2

    seems to be broken due to api change…

  3. 6. Juli 2008, 01:20 | #3

    Please fix it. Your Plugin Features looks very fine…

  4. 6. Juli 2008, 12:39 | #4

    First of all: you should ask alex king for that :-D
    second of all: just checked v1.2b1 of twitter tools and it still works – got some timeouts on fetching the tweets but after 50mins every ran smoothly as allways. so just be a bit patiend cos twitter allways had some trouble in the past few months.

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  2. 15. April 2008, 13:23 | #1

:) ;) :D :( :o :-? 8) :x :P :!: :?: :| :laugh: :eyebrow: :sick: :dont: :shut: :dooh: :applause: :party: :sleepy: :prayer: :peace: :hehe: :callme: :timeout: :witsend: :star: :skull: :cowboy: :devil: :pirat: